Frequently Asked Questions:

 When you are thinking of purchasing and financing a manufactured home, there are a lot of questions you may have. We have attempted to put the most common ones here. However, should you need additional information, please contact us.

What are the rates for manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes are treated individually, case by case. Your rate depends on the year of the home, your down payment, and your credit history.

How old of a manufactured home can you receive financing on?

Manufactured home financing homes are available for 1960 and newer.

How long does it take to get approved?

We can pre-qualify you over the phone; however once we get your application, an approval can take 2 business days.

Can I refinance getting cash out?

Yes. Manufactured homes can receive cash out when refinanced.

Can I find financing if I have had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or short sale recently?

Yes.  Manufactured home refinancing is available

Can I buy a home if I own other homes?

Yes. A minimum of 20% down payment is required and your income needs to support the payment.

What credit score do I need?

Manufactured homes require a minimum credit score of 600.

Can I buy a home for someone else?

“Buy For” programs are available for manufacture homes borrowers.

Are the rates adjustable?

No. Our Manufactured homes loans are fixed rates.

Will my home be paid off at the end of my loan?

Yes. All loans offered are fully amortized and paid off at the end of your loan term.

Can I get a loan if I am self-employed?

Yes. Manufactured home financing loans are available with or without tax returns for self-employed individuals.

Can I borrow money if the home does not have a foundation?

Yes. Manufactured home financing is available without a HUD approved foundation.